Check out the following list of helpful therapy links:

Read 5 Reasons you should choose psychotherapy.

Accepting of others but not yourself? Read about self compassion

Exercising the body is important and so is exercising the mind. Learn about meditation from a master by listening to this recording and part 2 

Are you good with dental hygiene but slacking on your emotional hygiene. You are not alone. Watch a great ted talk on what’s missing in our culture.

Willing to consider living bravely and showing up to life and being seen for who you really are? Sounds scary but its where the joy is. Read Brene Brown’s work.

Watch this video to better understand the Power of Vulnerability.

Are you a blamer? If you want some insight watch this.

A handout to help you better understand boundaries.

Thank goodness for this video teaching how to stop dwelling on negative thoughts.

A fun video that explains empathy

A casual video summary of Nathaniel Brandon’s The Six Pillars of Self Esteem produced by one of his fans.

If you are ready to work on some thoughts that are causing you pain check out Byron Katie’s work.

What’s your love language? Take a quiz  on the author’s website.

Confused about the struggles you have with your spouse? Watch these videos by Sue Johnson, primary developer of Emotionally Focused Couples and Family Therapy.

Wanna better understand trust and your inner circle, watch this video.

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Helpful therapy links