Welcome to Psychotherapy Charleston, the office of Emily F. Johnson, LISW-CP, and Associates – offering individual, couples & family therapy for clients in Charleston and online around the globe.

People often feel alone with their problems. Friends, family, and/or colleagues may see you in one way, while your private life may be different. You may be unhappy with how life is going generally or with specific things about yourself or your relationships. Your feelings may lead to problems with self-esteem, work, intimacy, sleeping, drugs/alcohol, eating, sex, or motivation.

The practice is designed to help you feel comfortable sharing and exploring troubling issues and encourage you to develop new insights, create strategies to manage stressors, enhance your strengths, and make constructive choices.

To aid in clients’ recovery/growth, “homework” is assigned between sessions: books to read, videos to watch, conversations to have and exercises (written or otherwise) to complete. We see the therapist role as similar to that of a tennis or golf coach. First understand what is “off” with your swing. Then learn the correct technique. Then practice, practice, practice. Slowly your game improves and, in looking back, you can see how your hard work has paid off.

Psychotherapy Charleston is conveniently located at 198 Rutledge Avenue, just four blocks west of King Street and just south of the crosstown. To schedule a complimentary brief phone consultation or an appointment, call/text  (410) 299-7980 or email emily@psychotherapycharleston.com. Below is interior image of the office space.

Psychotherapy Charleston - Office Interior Image

Psychotherapy Charleston - Office Interior Image 2